Recycling Banks and LOLER Testing

Recycling Banks and LOLER Testing

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations came into force in 1998, covering all operations and equipment that involves lifting people, goods and equipment at work.

The aspect of LOLER testing that relates to our service is the wire and pulley systems inside the recycling banks, these systems enable the doors of the banks to be released and the contents fall freely into the recycling vehicle (hiab). It is these wires that require inspecting to ensure that there are no breakages or fraying that could cause an incident or accident.

The Bin Masters teams are fully LOLER trained to deal with the testing of all moving parts inside/outside of the Recycling Banks and can carry out the necessary repairs from the initial assessments. According to the Use of Work Equipment 1998 Regulations, an annual inspection should be carried out on every Recycling Bank in service.

Many of us know that bring sites are victim to vandalism. Bin Masters can return your recycling banks to their original glory by repairing, painting, re-branding or even undertaking a complete on-site refurbishment.

When we carry out our on-site services, our health and safety is of paramount importance to us. All recycling areas are cordoned off whilst work is being undertaken to keep the public safe at all times.

Not only can we repair the recycling banks, we can also supply custom made parts/components.