Graffiti Removal

Graffiti/Paint Spillage Removal

Graffiti is becoming an increasing problem in the UK. A relatively small harmless looking word can quickly turn into an offensive mess.

Recycling sites and tower blocks are often targeted by this type of vandalism.

Many different substances are now being used to create graffiti on various surfaces. These can include paint, aerosols, dyes, marker pens, biros, adhesive labels, stickers, glues and acids.

Virtually all of the above can cause permanent damage if they are not removed imminently.

Bin Masters can remove graffiti or paint spillages using our high pressure, high temperature jet wash system. A biodegradable detergent is applied eradicating all signs of the graffiti. Our on-site teams remove it quickly and efficiently and complete the task using environmentally friendly procedures, leaving no trace of graffiti behind.